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TEDxPortElizabethSalon 3: Shaping the Future

Times and conditions are changing so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.
The onus is on each of us to cultivate the change we need, if we are to see ourselves, our communities and our environment not only survive, but thrive. Communities are confronted with challenges from all spheres and we need leadership with solutions by us, for us.

Laws which affect the survival of our environment are being passed and enforced for corporate monopoly, forgetting that we are borrowing this environment from future generations. The future is taking place with or without us… Will we shape the future or turn a blind eye?

TEDxPortElizabeth has a number of events planned for 2017 – please bookmark this page and return when tickets and schedule become available.

Our next event will be our annual conference: Friday, 24 November: T

Salon events feature 2 speakers and a discussion. Our annual conference will feature 10-15 speakers and performers. Viewing Parties are live streams from the international TED Conferences.

NB – This is a tentative calendar only – dates will be firmed up soon.