Current TEDx Team Members

Team Member Roles
Alan Straton, Webmaster Alan Straton, Webmaster
Bruchin Noeka graphic designer, photographer Bruchin Noeka, Design + Photography
 Ramon Thomas TEDx Port Elizabeth South Africa Ramon Thomas, Founder & Curator
Thulani Swartbooi, Ticketing
 Gerald Pietersen  Gerald Pietersen
Sinomtha Gede Sinomtha Gede
Selwyn Milborrow Selwyn Milborrow
Khanyisile Ndabambi
Tiyani Ndlovu Tiyani Ndlovu

Team Member Applications are BELOW (Select: Join as a Volunteer). If you have attended one of our events then please note WHICH one in your application as that will increase your chances of selection.


Our Current TEDxPortElizabeth Alumni are:

  1. Arthur Gray
  2. Bianca Phillips
  3. Jade Redcliffe
  4. Samantha Webb
  5. Mthobeli Moni