Tiyani Ndlovu

Tiyani NdlovuTiyani Ndlovu, originally from Johannesburg but came to Port Elizabeth to study and now currently working as a quality engineer at an automotive company. I’m also studying part time a Bachelor of Technology in Quality at Nelson Mandela University.

Excellence, diligent, hard working and courageous are the words to describe myself. As an engineer academics are always important but acquiring skills, experience and self-development are just as important to be one step ahead. I am an ambitious woman, encouraged to be innovative, to think beyond borders.

My mission in life is to change the world for all women in the STEM and Engineering sector and to be an example and pave the way for other young women to consider and pursue a career in engineering and technology.




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The following TED talk is Tiyani Ndlovu’s favourite because:

This talk was simple yet so informative of how to start a movement, although it was a dancing crowd, it can be applied in any kind of movement you would want to start.

Being part of the engineering industry, my mission in life is to change the world for all women in the STEM and Engineering sector and to be an example and pave the way for other young women to consider and pursue a career in engineering and technology.

Khanyisile Ndabambi

I am a confident, energetic and strong female who studies Public Relations Management at NMMU. I enjoy photography, public speaking, acting and also writing. If I were to describe myself in one word it would be “Self-driven” nobody can achieve my goals besides Khanyisile Ndabambi.

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The following TED talk is Khanyisile’s favourite because:

One thing i loved about her talk was when she said , “There is no rewind button on life.” she took control of her reality. She also highlights the fact that passion is the key to making your dreams come true. She used her passion for music to turn her passion into reality.

Farah Fortune – Publicist

Selwyn Milborrow

Selwyn Milborrow is a publisher, writer, poet, novelist, multimedia journalist, iReporter, blogger, radio presenter, social media manager, PEN SA professional member, and on the advisory board of TEDxPortElizabeth.

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The following TED talk is Selwyn Milborrow’s favourite because:

I am a creative person and find Sir Ken Robinson a fascinating person. His TED talks is amazing and filled with his trademark humour. I join with Sir Robinson in asking ‘Why don’t we get the best out of people?’ He argues that it’s because we’ve been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers. Students with restless minds and bodies, far from being cultivated for their energy and curiosity are ignored or even stigmatised, with terrible consequences. “We are educating people out of their creativity,” Robinson says. My goal is also to encourage creativity and young people pioneering us into a better and brighter future.

Sinomtha Gede

I was born and raised in the city of East London. I am currently doing my 3rd year in PR Management. I wish to be a Body Positivity activist, motivational and inspirational speaker for young women and young girls who struggle with low self- esteem. We are pressured on a daily basis to conform to societies standards of beauty ignoring the inevitable fact that we are all literally created differently and that no one person is the same! Too many women allow their self-worth be determined in the eyes of others. The world will always beat and bring us down to a point where one lives in shame, constantly fearing the useless opinions of others. If we can all live a shame free life in-spite of a society that tells you because you are “different” you do not deserve to. We can reach our full potential and do amazing things!

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The following TED talk is Sinomtha Gede’s favourite because:

This TEDx Talk speaks volumes of what I essentially mean in my bio. There are so many different levels one has to overcome to reach their full potential with many obstacles in the way of who we are.

Gerald Pietersen

Born and raised in Uitenhage, Gerald has always been someone that looks for the better in others. One of his main life goals is to establish youth nationally in such a way that they can always find a way to make things work through applying their skills and knowledge. He worked in the automotive sector for eighteen years and has since started his own business in training and development with the hope of branching into formalized coaching and mentoring. He is married to Sheri-Ann who is qualified as a psychologist and actively practicing as a disability coordinator at the local university.

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The following TED talk is Gerald Pietersen’s favourite because:

Since I watched Dr. Meg Jay’s view on the 20’s in this video, it affirmed a lot of things for me. Firstly the fact that my life and work experience in my twenties was not in vain and that all the mistakes I made was actually not mistakes. I came to realize that life has more than just a second chance. Starting afresh can and should happen every waking moment. “Why the 30’s is the new 20’s” has taught me to remain grounded, focused and determined to turn my experiences into learning and coaching opportunities.

Thulani Swartbooi

Words from my application to the Curator: I seek nothing but greatness in what I choose to involve myself in and as a PE native I have decided to take full advantage of the knowledge and networks collected and structured over the years.

I have been involved in organising two types of TedX events and I am motivated by people and the spirit of sharing. The experiences have brought a greater self-knowledge and awareness which will shape my future prospects and engagements to my community and people. I really hope to reach my community whether it is via TedX or another medium to spark change and difference through communication and engagement.

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The following TED talk is Thulani Swartbooi’s favourite because:

The talk is very much direct and honest in breaking down our most fundamental structures involving the largest community of beings. It may sound like a call out but it is a necessary truth which needs to be understood to bring up a healthy future generation to rapidly develop world solutions to world problems.

Bruchin Noeka

12654340_10208516170282988_7901413276328011948_nI am a digital graphics creator , photographer / videographer.
I love art nature car and future technologies .
I live in a small town called Uitenhage where I go about my life listening to as much sound as possible because inspiration is just a sound away. my friends and I are the Arty kind you might say from computer design, coding to clothing and wall murals we are a very colorful group of people.

Photography and digital design are my main interest but sometimes get lost in watching Documentaries on YouTube and the occasional cat video

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The following TED talk is Bruchin Noeka’s favourite because:

I can relate to the for many years I go to the barbershop up the road from me and the closeness that the barber has with his client is amazing. This relationship passes on to the younger generations and through looking good and feeling good you can see and hear that the problems you are facing at home or in life are not just your own but others as well. So you can learn from them and strengthen the path that you are on.

Ramon Thomas

RJ-ProfileAfter completing my MBA in China, I returned to South Africa in January 2016. I attended the TEDGlobal conference in 2007 in Tanzania, hosted TEDx events in China and South Africa.

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The following TED talk is Ramon Thomas’s favourite because:

Because I used to work in IT until 2004 and moved into Education since 2007. Prof Sugata Mitra shows a clear way in which children can teach themselves with access the Internet. This TED Talks shows a practical solution to the biggest problem in society, forced complsory schooling as described by John Taylor Gatto.

Mthobeli Moni

IMG_20160321_175444Mthobeli Moni is Port Elizabeth born and buttered with art and music. I organize art events, DJ, mentor and manage upcoming artists in Rap/Hip Hop genre. Love travelling and collecting Art/Photos /Music and paintings.

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The following TED talk is Mthobeli Moni’s favourite because:

We are hit by food shortage, poverty and so many negative stats everyday in such a way that they make us forget that the piece of land you got can dismiss all the above . Ron Finley is making gardening cool and education platform for the younger ones too. He is gangster like that.

Through The Looking Glass, Friday 1 July 2016

We are organizing and now is the time to go ‘THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS’

Alice Through The Looking Glass

In the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading,” the TEDx program helps communities, organizations and individuals produce TED-style events at the local level. TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis, under a free license from TED.

“By paying attention to to things that shine forth, because this thing is the reality instead of the map, you are gaining access to the real information that’s in the world. It’s not pre-packaged information because that can be false.” ~ Prof Jordan B. Peterson @ TEDxUofT in 2013.

Inspired by the sequel to Alice in Wonderland our event theme asks the you to imagine if everything was backwards.

Friday July 1, 2016
8:00am – 6:00pm SAST
Port Elizabeth
AFDA Film School – 28 Bird Street, Central, Port Elizabeth