Joe Slingers – Educator

Renowned educator and Shakespeare guru Joe Slingers will be speaking at the TEDxPortElizabeth event on 1 July 2016. Joe’s topic will be: Timeless literature
Joe Slingers
Possibly the most meaningful quote for Joe Slingers is the one by Greek philosopher Aristotle: “You are what you constantly do – excellence, therefore, is a habit.”

Being a teacher and working with students has been a highlight for Slingers who is motivated by his teachers and their organization which has its motto “let us live for our children”. An ex School principal in the troublesome 1980s, Joe says; “It’s always important to know who you are, so when you look in the mirror you not only see yourself but those who are important to you.” One needs to ask; “What is my job what is my task what do I need to do in order to make life more meaningful, it is important to know how far one is prepared to go to do ones job and that determines our principle,”, says Slingers.

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