2016 TEDxPortElizabeth

This is a summary of our TEDxPortElizabeth conference on Friday, 1 July 2016 held at AFDA Port Elizabeth campus, 23 Bird Street, Central. You may now watch all our videos on the official TEDx Talks Youtube channel below:

Session 1

Deshun Deysel shares her formula for peak performance in business, career and life. Her five steps include: 1) Aspiration 2) Self Mastery 3) Competence 4) Environment and 5) Opportunity. This is how you prepare to grasp the opportunity that comes to you.

7-year old Caleb Zealand from Uitenhage loves dinosaurs. He shares three types of dinosaurs you need to know: Pachycephalosarus, a land dinosaur; Pterannodon, a flying reptile; and Mosasaurus, a marine reptile. from Uitenhage loves dinosaurs.

Mrs Elizabeth Muller, a retired librarian extols the virtues of reading. While Reading attaches meaning to words, Children can discover what interests them, explore far away places, improve confidence and ambition through reading in a library.

Why has Shakespeare remained relevant after 450 years? He illuminates the human experience and tells great stories with compelling characters. Mr Joe Slingers brings Shakespeare into the 21st century with great gusto and a fantastic improvised delivery on some of the most famous quotes in literature.

Wehan van Jaarsveld looks at masculinity through the lens of arts & education. He highlights four points of prevalence observed in the education and counselling of boys and men while sharing from his own experience as dancer and educator. After watching students from across the spectrum thrive in his studio as a neutral zone where they can be themselves he ultimately proposes an alternative approach to parents, coaches and teachers with balance as the main focus.

Session 2

Colleen Grewar shares an intimate story about her autistic son. She accidentally found a new way to communicate with him after buying Bratz dolls. Further, she extols the virtues of Bratz over Barbie dolls and briefly dips into the lawsuit between MGA and Mattel companies.

Bobby Shabangu shares how he a studying in Indonesia help him discover his voice as a Wikipedia editor in South Africa. Wikipedia allows anyone to create projects about new topics. Contributing in local languages is very important to Africa’s future.

Farah Fortune shares the reality of life not the reality of Television. As a business owner, she only employs women in her Public Relations company. She says, “There is no rewind button on life.” Passion is the key to making your dreams come true. She used her passion for music to turn her passion into reality.

Johnson Mthembu believes school may be more dangers to our children than prisons. He discusses the hidden curriculum of schools that shapes behaviour. Gender roles are made very distinct in classrooms. Men have a higher mortality rate for suicide compared to women cited in many academic studies.

Trevor Watkins introduced “The Consent Axiom”, which has become one of the tenants of the libertarian society in South Africa. Even though we may not agree what’s the best economic or political systems, we can all agree that you are the best judge of your own needs. “No action without consent.”

Session 3

Codekid uses his iPhone to remix music while performing as a DJ. He is also an avant-garde artist who delivers a high energy music performance. He ends with inspirational words to fans and friends, “there will never be enough content.”

Thulani Ndzotyana calls out the youth of today with poetic passion. She speaks with authority on the pro’s and con’s of being one of the “Born Free” generation- Those born after 1994 in South Africa. As the future president in 2044 she promises acceptance no tolerance to ensure racial harmony as our democracy matures.

Mdali group are three high school students sharing stories of how they use murals to communicate through art. Sinayo Lungile, Thembalethu Aplani and Yonela Jebese each take a turn sharing their experiences in transform the boring school environment into a place of learning through art. The murals bring both hope, love and inspires students to achieve their goals.

Siyabonga Ngcai’s first poem involves what he describes as the ideal woman as a soul mate or life partner describing her and pointing out how she should compliment his country manhood qualities as a Xhosa native. His second poem covers a sad social issue faced by today’s struggle of African house holds and how a family is broken by a violent man/husband leaving scorn to a single mother and son.The third poem covers various topics evolving Africans specifically the black community and how colonialism has effected the traditions and well being of what is to be African. It invokes many untold realities surrounding believe systems and civilization of Africans.

Actress Nomhle Nkonyeni regales us with tales of her early stage career during Apartheid South Africa, eventually moving into Television and over 30 Feature Films. She pays homage to the Serpent Players in Port Elizabeth, playwrights Athol Fugard and Barney Simon. Working with Oscar-winner Hillay Swank in South Africa is one of the funniest moments she shared.