Colleen Grewar – Artist

Uitenhage resident Colleen Grewar will be speaking at the TEDxPortElizabeth event on 1 July 2016.

Colleen explains her early life:

Colleen Grewar
Colleen Grewar

I was born to the two most unlikely parents in a coastal town called Knysna in 1967. The world seemed to be a wonderful place. What would you expect, living in the forest on a farm in Knysna. Life was simple. By day I played down in the valley with lawns so green, water so pure and mystery beyond the forest stretching into forever. By night I bathed outside in a huge metal basin. My grandfather playing the Paganini, fire burning warm, providing the only source of light, whilst night cloaked me with her dark face. I fell in love with the moon and thought her to be my mother. My grandfather, an old man with one glass eye and hardly a smile. My grandmother, with deep blue eyes, long black raven hair and a glance of kindness. My Parents worked in the City. A place I thought most unkind. I roamed on the farm from brook to forest, lost in the day and close to its heart. Little did I know of the world outside, for life was as I wanted with all I held dear to my heart.

My grandfather milked his cows, planted the seeds and harvested the rain. He made me a wooden puppet carved out of a black wood stump, it was my first treasure. Now the Moon had a special place in my heart. For night would fall, cloaked in darkness. The sound of its silence soothing, but not for long. The owls, crickets and toads would break out in song, the wind would sing along. At night I would sit in my grandmothers arms, washed and cleaned up, listening to her humming along. My grandfather with his Paganini playing that song. His violin turned the night into a magical world. There she would shine, bright as can be, smiling at me. My Mother god whom I was told was the Moon. That world is lost almost forgotten. My childhood a precious memory of a long forgotten past. I am Colleen a child of the forest to the mother Moon.

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