Bruchin Noeka

12654340_10208516170282988_7901413276328011948_nI am a digital graphics creator , photographer / videographer.
I love art nature car and future technologies .
I live in a small town called Uitenhage where I go about my life listening to as much sound as possible because inspiration is just a sound away. my friends and I are the Arty kind you might say from computer design, coding to clothing and wall murals we are a very colorful group of people.

Photography and digital design are my main interest but sometimes get lost in watching Documentaries on YouTube and the occasional cat video

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The following TED talk is Bruchin Noeka’s favourite because:

I can relate to the for many years I go to the barbershop up the road from me and the closeness that the barber has with his client is amazing. This relationship passes on to the younger generations and through looking good and feeling good you can see and hear that the problems you are facing at home or in life are not just your own but others as well. So you can learn from them and strengthen the path that you are on.

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