Our Mission: Local Ideas Worth Spreading

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In fact, everything we do — from our Conferences to our TED Talks to the projects sparked by the TED Prize, from the global TEDx community to the TED-Ed lesson series — is driven by this goal: How can we best spread great ideas?

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TEDxPortElizabeth 2016 Volunteer Recruitment

Authorized by TED, TEDxPortElizabeth is an independent TEDx organization based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Being one of the most influential and highest-quality TEDx  organizations in the South Africa, TEDxPortElizabeth inherits TED’s mission of “ideas worth spreading”.

In the past three years, TEDxPortElizabeth has successfully transformed from TEDxSummerstrand to a city-branded TEDx, organized one TEDxLive event. More than 15 speakers and performers, from various walks of life, will share their ideas and stories on the TEDxPortElizabeth’s stage.

These heartening figures cannot be achieved without the effort and persistence of TEDxPortElizabeth’s volunteers. Some meet the love of their life. Some gain extra experiences beyond the events. While for every one of them, it has been a challenging course of self-improvement.

They come from different backgrounds and focus on diverse tasks, including promotion, partnerships, translation and approaching speakers. They engage together in planning, discussing and implementing the events of TEDxPortElizabeth.

TEDxPortElizabeth: Through The Looking Glass